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Get streetwise with Adidas Superstar trainers


I recently bought these Adidas Superstar trainers and they haven’t been off my feet since! I had a similar style back in the 90s when Superstars were brought out then, but they’ve been relaunched again and are all over the high street just now. My old converse were falling apart so I knew I had to make a good investment in a pair of casual trainers for the weekends and walking my dog.

So what makes them so special?

The superstars are mainly all white with the branding detail available in different colours – black sparkles, gold, plain white or pink. So you can choose your favourite to suit your personality or to match another piece of clothing that you’ll wear often with your new sneaks. It was a hard decision but I opted for the silver 3-stripe variation and heel branding and I love how ‘superstar’ is stitched in silver to the sides. They all look lovely, but I felt the silver would match my winter jacket and scarf better.

Superstars tick all the boxes in the comfort category. Well I have found that some trainers that are designed for casual use can be clunky and heavy to wear or rub my heels really badly, but not these – they have loads of cushion and support so they are extra comfy. When I tried them on, I knew right away that they would offer support and extra padding for my over-walked feet. Another big bonus for this style is that they are available in half sizes – no more squashing my poor toes into shoes that are just slightly too small.

Are they worth parting with £75 of your hard earned cash for? Absolutely! Adidas already have a first class reputation for making quality trainers that last a lifetime until the soles are reluctant to flop off. They are delicately made with soft leather that can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth.

Which Superstar colour will you go for? Check out the different varieties available at


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