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I’ve been looking out for some causal but trendy trousers to wear on a lazy Sunday – you know those days when you are hungover and want to make as little effort as possible when you have to meet a friend in town?  So I checked around some online stores and discovered these authentic popper pants from Italian sportswear brand Kappa. These women’s trousers have re-emerged from the 1990s and are firmly back in current fashion.

Founded in Italy in 1967, Kappa have launched a new collection for this season which brings back some old favourites, slightly restyled for today’s street wise fashionistas. Over 50 years of sporting excellence is poured into the latest Kappa range touching on street smart styles and keeping up with the latest trends.

If you don’t remember the poppers, they are discreetly placed up either side of each leg – so its up to you how much exposure you want to give each of your pins. I just keep two popper buttons undone at the bottom so they are not covering my trainers. It really is pure genius bringing back the poppers – you either love them or hate them – it’s nearly as addictive as popping bubble wrap but you’ll enjoy this more. Looking at the rest of the design, they have kept things simple with branding to the sides, while the side pockets and elasticated waist keeps things cosy and comfortable. Kappa have topped it off by placing their logo on the upper left leg too.




If your not 100% comfortable with going out looking so ‘street’ don’t worry – just match the bottoms with a trendy short padded jacket or slimfit sweater, some costume jewellery and curled hair for a casual but trendy Sunday look. You won’t be disappointed – pop Kappa’s authentic popper pants in your online basket today.

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